Thursday, December 22, 2011

Green Christmas?

No snow means a super sad birthday (D23) & Christmas (D25) for this gingerKitten!

I am finding it extremely difficult to get into the spirit of the holiday without snow - which is weird, as i actually don't care for snow.
Even the present buying, wrapping, beautiful tree, lights, countdowns, and Christmas music - which i adore - isn't helping.

It just isn't the same... *sigh* it doesn't feel 'complete'.
I hope that there is snow in the VERY near future... Say, tonight?! :)

GingerMumma dreaming of a purr-fectly white Christmas

Thursday, September 22, 2011

I was just...

new beginnings.
new experiences.
questionable decisions.
new emotions, same fears.
new thoughts, old ones linger.
new feelings, sparks of old,
feelings better forgotten...
growth. regrowth.
time grows quicker with every year, month, & day.
youth fades.
beauty fades.
life wrinkles appear.
maturity develops... for some anyway.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Dear Winter,

I wish I could say that I love you, or even that I enjoy you, but I do not.

There are several reasons I do not love you.
Here are a few...
I do not love your cold winds,
your high heating costs,
cleaning off the vehicles,
ice scrapping windows,
snow tires,
freezing my butt off walking with the kids,
ice & its sister, black ice,
driving at night in squalls,
the squalls,
the flurries,
the blizzards,
rosey cheeks,
chapped lips.... etc.

If you could come for a week, overlapping christmas day,
that'd be fantastic!!!

Thanks, G.M.

Thursday, December 02, 2010

mis-inturpruted & thus mis-informed

I have apologized many times for the lack of attention
I've paid to this blog.

I am not going to do that now.
I have my reasons for the lack of updates...

Some people do not read blogs
because they attract their attention & hold it,
or are full of interesting points of view,
topics, or written by people they know.

Some people read them to find "dirt".
Or, to deliberately try to "stir the pot"
with supposed comments & feelings
that were never written or even there in the first place.
Taken out of context.

Doing so with the intent to turn them into "ammo" in the future.

I have expressed that
when reading a blog, text, e-mail,
or any other form of written communication in which
you can not see the person(s) expression, motive, or feelings
& can not hear the inflection of tone & speech
- can be easily mis-inturpruted.

This is the apparent case of past months.

I will try to be more diplomatic,
& expressly more clear for you all...
not everything I have written is directed at (or about) you.

In the universal sense of course.
I write because I want to write.
I write to express my feelings
& use this as an outlet for my thoughts.

Why hold on to anger,
as it just ages you & shows on your face.

Why hold on to hatred,
as it begins to poison your blood & body from the inside.

Forgiveness & friendships.
These are what keep you young.

This is what life & lessons learned are about.
This is what you should teach your children...
to love, not to hate.

To forgive, & to forget.
To trust, & to be trusted.
That lies are black marks on your soul
& the truth ALWAYS come to light.


Read if you choose.
Don't if you do not.

But, please, don't attempt to use my written word against me,
or any one else's for that matter,
when you know not what was meant,
how it was said,
or to whom it was referred too
- as it may be directed toward no one at all.

Cheers, to all the bloggers out there
who have found an outlet for their thoughts
and are brave enough to share!

Blog on!

XOXO ~ G.M. ~

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Toy Society

So, I was introduced by my S.I.L
to a wonderful organization

that is spreading the love worldwide by making toys
& leaving them randomly everywhere
to be taken home by children.

Tell me, what child wouldn't love to be at
the doctors office, park, beach,
dentist, parking garage, bank etc.

& find a toy thoughtfully made
& left behind with a note that says,
"please, take me home!"

This organization was started in Austrailia (I believe)
& is rapidly spreading.

It's name ~ the Toy Society.

It is free to join.
Costs very little time & energy.
& gives bid reward.

All you do is make a toy of your choice ~
it matters not of your skill level.

Join the organization.
Bag & tag the toy with instructions,
photograph where you left it,
& wait & see who takes it home.


This is my first creation.
'She' has yet to be dropped.
I hope that someone finds her & loves her.

Many more ideas are brewing in my brain
& I will drop many in the future.

oh yes, I will.

spread a lil' love & imagine the smile on a wee persons face...
join 'the toy society'!

xoxo g.m.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

weight a minute...

Yes, I said weight - & I meant weight.
I am currently about to under go adding an exercise routine into my life.
I am not as small as I once was.
Two kids & two c-sections later & my body just isn't what it was.
What scares, nay horrifies me the most, is loosing my boobs.
I love my breasts.
I don't want to be skinny - just healthy.
I wanna be a 50's pin-up all round n' curvy!
A sexy & powerful woman!
I may even book one of those pin-up shoots when it is all said & done.
I wanna feel sexy & look sexy!

I plan on having a 'mommy make-over'
once I reach my goals & get back to work.

Being a SAHM (stay at home mum)
doesn't allow for much income earning power.

Anyway, I used to do yoga - daily - before the weeins came along.
I am incorporating a Jillian Michaels - Yoge Meldown into my life!
D-day is monday.
The beginning of march break here in Canada.
Spring break to everyone else - I think.

Am I ready. NO.
Do I want to succeed. YES.
Here we go - wish me luck!

XOXO ~ g.m.

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

An Irish Blessing

An Irish Blessing in honor of St.Patricks Day & some very dear friends....

Sometimes I sit & remember days gone by...

Friends I haven't seen in years...

Memories that are all that remain of those days...

I wish them the best & am saddened that life has taken us in different directions...

But, I am proud & happy for the memories that I have retained.
Much love to them ~ my brothers.

xoxo ~ g.m.